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This is a much-needed platform which no doubt will make our retail buyers op.better in making faster decisions. HOFB streamlines the cold calls and email process for us by putting the tools into the hands of retailers. we welcome such a product which will make our industry better.

Knowing that I do not have to start my own fashion studio is a welcoming news. HOFB beta is truly inventing a new way in how designers bring their products to retailers and shoppers around the world. This will truly be the place where many independent designers will be branding and marketing their styles. HOFB will be very successful in Europe and eventually the rest of the world.

The easiness of using HOFB beta was amazing and I believe it will even be way better at launch. My portfolio designs which I couldn't have converted into products sales will now be available to retailers and shoppers globally. I just cannot wait for the platform to be available for use.

HOFB is a very cool concept which I intend on using as soon as possible. I currently manage the sourcing team which is comprised of 20+ account executives and this would be a valuable partnership for our company.

Testing the beta was amazing.This will be a game changer for us within the fashion designing industry and we just cannot wait for this to me made available in Asia and around the world.

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